How many people can this location accommodate?  


What is the rental fee and what is included in that price? 

  • Monday through Thursday - $1250 for 5 hours, 150 for each additional hour

  • Friday and Saturday - $2500 for 8 hours, 250 for each additional hour

  • Sunday - $1850 for 8 hours, 150 for each additional hour 

How much is the deposit, when is it due, and is it refundable? What's the payment plan for the entire bill?   We require a $350 non-refundable deposit to reserve your date. Final Payment is due 10-days before your event. As of December 31, 2019, we also require a credit card on file for damages that occur during your rental time.

Is the sire handicap accessible?   Yes, we have a ramp leading to the entrance of the building, Handicap accessible restrooms and the space is highly functional for individuals in wheelchairs.

What's the cancellation policy?   We require a $350 non-refundable deposit to reserve your date. If you are worried about the possibility of canceling, please discuss this with the event manager.


What's your weather contingency plan for outdoor spaces?   As of this time, we do not have an outdoor area for event hosting.

How long will I have use of the event space(s) I reserve? Is there an overtime fee if I stay longer? Is there a minimum or maximum rental time?   

  • Monday through Thursday, you get 5 consecutive hours, between 6:00am and Midnight. 

  • Friday and Saturday, you get 8 consecutive hours, between 6:00am and 3:00am following into Sunday.

  • Sunday, you get 8 consecutive hours, between 8:00am and Midnight.


Our overtime fee is

Monday through Thursday and Sunday - $150 

Friday and Saturday - $250

Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is? Are there decoration guidelines/restrictions? Can I use real candles?  

Yes, we will do a layout in Allseated well before your event.  We do not allow heavily glittered items or confetti canons/balloons.  Trust us that the clean up is a major chore.   Anything that would be attached to a wall must be approved beforehand, and due to the nature of our original plaster walls, this will likely be denied.  Candles are allowed.


What time can my vendors start setting up on the day of the wedding? Is it possible to start the setup the day before? How early can deliveries be made? How much time will I have for décor setup? Does the venue provide assistance getting gifts or décor back to a designated car, hotel room, etc. after the event has concluded?    


Is there an outdoor space where my guests can mingle, and can it be heated and/or protected from the elements if necessary? Is there a separate indoor “socializing” space?  


Do you have an in-house caterer or a list of “preferred” caterers, or do I need to provide my own? Even if there is an in-house caterer, do I have the option of using an outside caterer instead?  


If I hire my own caterer, are kitchen facilities available for them?  


Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware provided, or will I have to rent them myself or get them through my caterer?  


Can I bring in a cake from an outside cake maker or must I use a cake made on the premises? Is there a cake-cutting fee? 


Can I bring my own wine, beer or champagne, and is there a corkage fee if I do? Can I bring in other alcohol?   

Are there restrictions on what kind of music I can play, or a time by which the music must end? Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band?  


Is there parking on site? If so, is it complimentary? Do you offer valet parking, and what is the charge? If there is no parking on site, where will my guests park? Are cabs easily accessible from the venue? If a shuttle service is needed, can you assist with setting it up?  


How many restrooms are there?   


Do you offer on-site coordination? If so, what services are included and is there an additional charge for them? Will the coordinator supervise day-of? How much assistance can I get with the setup/décor?  


What security services do you offer? Do I need to hire my own security guards, or does the site hire them or have them on staff?  


Does the venue have liability insurance? 


Can I hire my own vendors (caterer, coordinator, DJ, etc.), or must I select from a preferred vendor list? If I can bring my own, do you have a list of recommended vendors?


What are the nearest hotels to the venue?


Do you have signage or other aids to direct guests to my event? 


Do you have a recycling policy?  


We truly look forward to making every event in our space special and memorable for all attendees.  If you have a question not covered here, please let us know! We do our best to accommodate all reasonable requests.